Student Testimonials

Janet Laderman
I was laid off from the city of Fort Lauderdale after having worked there for approximately 15 years. due to the economic downfall and real estate market crash I found myself in a situation where finding a new job was unrealistic. Unfortunately it took me 2 years of unemployment to realize it and to finally decide to try Forex Trading. I can't say enough how this training saved me financially, I can now pay my bills I no longer depend on a job, the confidence I have now is priceless. Don't wait forever like I did, start your training .

Edward Oliveras
I am a full time FIU student in Miami, business major with student loans adding up, rent to pay, and mandatory child support payments to make. I was working part time jobs, and not even close to earning enough to make ends meet. While waiting in traffic getting from one of my part time jobs, I picked up my cell phone and started dialing a number from an ad on the back of a white suv that said "learn to make money 24/7." Wow, is that person for-real I said. It was one of the best phone call I could make, the training one on one with Erixon and his energy and enthusiasm, gave me the motivation I needed. My new Knowledge in Forex trading is superb, know when I get in front of the computer is to make money, not to spend time in face book.

Saul Ortega, Pembroke Pines, FL.
Had some Forex Trading experience from a Trading course I took previously. I was unhappy with the outcome, I didn't have a grasp on the right way of setting up strategies to win. After having lost in trading at least 5 times of what Erixon's course costs, I was skeptical towards this Forex Training, but I knew I had to try it to be able to compare outcomes. Forex south florida. com training far surpassed my expectations, for the cost its amazing. Trading use to feel a lot like a legal scam, giving my money to the world markets just so they could steal from me. All of my trades where closed as loosing trades. Know I am beating the market making anywhere between 30 to 45% monthly of my trading capital.

Howard Smolensky Tamarac, Florida
My Retirement funds, always seemed reasonable to me until I retired. I'm retired but very active, all of a sudden I acquired wants I didn't have when I was busy in my work routine. I want to travel, be a generous Grandfather, eat out for dinner and so on and so on. Truly Forex Trading is the only way I have been able to give myself these wants, I highly recommend the one on one educational training with Erixon at Forex South

Sonia Galfano, Coral Gables, FL.
Super easy, made the impossible possible. I thought analyzing Graphs, and trying to figure out all of the negative news from Europe was going to be impossible. No matter if the stock market is moving up or down , I make money in Forex trading. I can say I went from having no knowledge of Forex Trading ,to feeling confident enough to placing more than 10 trades daily and make more money than I use to working in my 40 hour a week job.

          The fundamentals

The first thing I tell all my students is that Forex is risky and not suitable for everyone. This is the reason why education in the markets is so important. I want my students to accomplish their purpose when trading, to stick to a specific idea so they can achieve their financial goals one day at a time. "Your success will be measured by your ability to keep on trying, so never give up. The world will always give you opportunities, it is up to you to grab it."

Why Learn Forex from me?
In the internet you could find lots of information on forex for free, but attached to that free information you will get a million other products that they are trying to sell you.. On top of that you could spend months trying to figure out all of the information involved with Forex trading. Face it, there is really nothing for free. With me you will get straight forward Professional Education that will teach you the proper ways to make money on a daily basis. In short, only those that get training from a professional trader manage to make money in Forex. I have spent thousands of dollars in my investing education, I'm giving you my time and knowledge for only a fraction of the cost.

Happy Trading to all of my students…



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